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Answers to commonly asked questions:

What did you film this with? A Canon Vixia HF S200

What did you edit this with? Sony Vegas Studio

Who is that little asian boy? Props go out to Cody (Funchi's son)

What is that song playing during the montage? "Smile like you mean it" by the Killers

Did you really draw cartoons of all the residents? I suck at drawing. I stole all the cartoons from Shadowleggy's series of "Resident Evil Musicals" on youtube. Using those as an outline I went back and redid them in Corel and MSPaint. So, no.

Why do you love zombies so much? That's a ridiculous question.

Where did you get the muppets? FAO Schwarz (you can make your own online)

What is that song playing in the Code short? Oh man, you are really calling me out as a geek. It is Battlestar Sonatica from the new Battlestar Galactica TV series (probably the best series ever made). Someday I WILL learn to play this song on the piano.

Was there supposed to be a Tsunami scene? Absolutely, and i spent a long time making it. But it just never came together :(

Who is that cat? That's Oscar.






Last Updated May 22, 2014


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Last Updated May 22, 2014