ABG Analysis

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What is this?

An iPhone app to quickly let you interpret arterial blood gases.

There are a lot of those out there...why this one?

This one is made with my own blend of secret algorithms. I've tested it again online ABG calculators and, although possibly I am biased, I think my algorithms work better than others. I will tell you Internal Consistency (i.e. "Does this ABG make sense according to the Henderson-Hasselbach equation"). I will tell you not only whether there is compensation, but also what the expected compensation should be so you can rationalize through the clinical situation. I detect delta-gaps and triple acid-base disorders. And I give you a brief summary for each acid-base disorder present to help you get started on a differential and management.

What about that one review you got?

So...I've only gotten two. One was a great review, so I assume you are not talking about that. The other was from a nurse in the UK who said something to the fact that "All it did was interpret ABGs!? I expected more!". So, without you consulting me to come and personally manage your patient I'm not sure what else you want out of an ABG program. But...the good news is I am always open to suggestions. If you think of something you would like added or changed in this program just email me and we can discuss how to make it happen. That's the advantage of using our apps. My email address is alienanorexia@gmail.com.


The Mandatory Disclaimer: All information on this website is purely for educational and training purposes. Use best clinical judgement, the most current reference articles, medical standards of care, and specialist consultations when making clinical decisions for your patients.

Last Updated March 6, 2014