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What is this?

An iPhone/iPad app that will assist you visually in learning antibiotics.

Holy crap! this is cool! Where did you get the idea for this?

Gotta say, it wasn't my idea. I never really understood antibiotic coverage as a medical student or intern. Then in my second year of residency one of our Infectious Disease docs gave a lecture presenting it in this format. I was so impressed that I finally was able to grasping remembering coverage that I asked him if I could turn it into an online progam. He said okay. And that little online program has morphed into this.

I think I'm finally starting to remember and understand antibiotic coverage!

Yep, that's the point.

This app displays A LOT of information on the screen at once. Can my little phone handle it?

So my main problem in creatining apps is that I am really trying to provide useful medical information in novel ways (not just to display ads and "monetize" my app - some of the worst words I've ever come across in programming). The iPhone is a wonderful device but it really really small. Which is good because it is portable. But makes it very difficult to display a lot of useful information. This app definitely suffers from that problem on the iPhone. I think on the iPad it works beautifully. I added pinch/zoom support to help the iPhone version. I'm thinking about adding a scroll view. But I'm open to suggestions on how to make this data display more managable for small screen. Email me if you have an idea...alienanorexia@gmail.com.

The one thing that is really missing is different sensitivies. My hospital has a different biogram and I'd like to change the sensitivies presented or add in specific resistant bug categories. Can I do that?

I'm working on it. This is a very tough problem when you think about it programmatically. And again, the small screen size limitation...ugg. Give me some time and I'll have this figured out. I promise. And again, email me if you'd like to offer a solution. My day job as a pulmonary fellow often gets in the way of me spending time redesigning my apps.



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Last Updated March 6, 2014