Daruma IM Board Review

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What is it?

Internal Medicine review questions, pure and simple..

Is this made for learning Internal Medicine or to review for the IM Boards?

Yeah, I hear you. Learning Internal Medicine and studying for the Boards are not necessarily the same thing. I try to find a balance here. There are questions that anyone in Internal Medicine residency should know (such as the limitations of a FeNa). And there are questions that are only good for studying for the boards (such as how to treat castrate resistant prostate cancer that fails doxorubicin). I'm going for both so that this can be used as a learning/teaching tool during all of residency. Once there are enough questions I may start dividing them into levels (i.e R1, R2, R3) if people think it is useful.

OMG, some of these questions and explanations are really long?!

Yeah, they are. Some questions are really long. Some questions are just one sentence. Same goes for the explanations. Some topics lend themselves to case-based questions and some don't. Also, the explanations are there to "explain" why the correct answer is correct. So, sometimes the explanations will be longer because I want to give you the complete rationale behind the question.

You've got a little bit of an attitude going on in some of your answers. Are you on crack?

Nah. I'm actually a very nice doctor and not at all addicted to anything but dirty gin martinis. I'm the doctor that you want to hear from when you call a Pulmonary consult because I never yell or make fun of your questions. Also, i love my patients. I'm just a bit...odd...i guess, and have some strange opinions that are naturally going to insert themselves in my writing. Either just enjoy it or skip it over, there isn't enough humor in medicine anymore anyways.

Can I contribute questions?

Holy crap! Are you kidding? Please! Contribute questions! Email me! Do you realize how hard this is to do on my own? Umm...but, seriously, I would love that. I almost included a page in this latest version where you could type questions and submit them directly to my email. The one thing I worry about is people stealing questions from other question banks and submitting them to me. That is the only reason that functionality wasn't included. So, if you want to contribute questions, email me. We'll talk, we'll make a deal. alienanorexia@gmail.com

What the hell is a daruma?

Please see this and this.

I would also like to see...X, Y, Z

I know. A rating system for the questions, feedback form when you disargee with the answer, generate question sets from a keyword search rather than topics, mark questions for review, you want renal and GI questions, you want more question in all topics. I'm on it. Takes time and I'll have to prioritize off of what people tell me they really want the most.


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Last Updated March 6, 2014