This is not a clinic

Daily Management of Patients

Issues that should be addressed every day:

  • What lines are in and can they be discontinued?
  • Is there a foley catheter in and can it be removed or switched to a condom catheter (sorry, men only for that one)?
  • Can any IV medications be converted to po?
  • Can any labs be discontinued or drawn less frequently than daily
    • Some good reasons for a daily CBC: infection, blood loss
    • Some good reasons for a daily Chem7: diuresis, changing renal function, vancomycin or other nephrotoxic medications
  • Can the patient be switched back to home medications?
  • Are medications renally/hepatically dosed?
  • Is there anything that needs to be ordered before a procedure can be done (such as being made NPO or coags before an IR procedure)
  • Is the patient eating? If not, why not, and can I advance their diet?
  • Is the patient getting out of bed? If not, do I need and OOB or PT/OT order?
  • Why is the patient really here (what caused that CHF exacerbation)?
  • How can I keep this patient from coming back (“But doc, I always get a diet coke with my whopper value meal)?