medical consulting and expert witness

I provide expert witness and medical chart review services for lawyers. I have training and experience in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine. I am board certified in these three specialties as well. But two things set me apart from other medical consultants in these fields...

First, I have a background in both computer science and research. I am very adept at using data and the medical literature. If there is medical literature to support your client's case, I can find it. The medical literature is to physicians what precedent cases are to lawyers. It sets the principles and rules that physicians should practice by. It defines our standard of care. And, unfortunately, it is something that is so large that most physicians have a difficult time keeping up with.


Second, one of my strengths is interpreting medical decision making and the medical literature into language that is easily understood by those without a medical background. I can explain the medical underpinnings of a case in a way that you can understand so that you can grasp the essential concepts, which in turn will make you better able to argue for and make decisions for your clients.

Basic Fee Schedule

  • No up-front retainer.
  • No minimum number of hours.
  • Initial Review Fee: $225/hr for initial case review and preparation
  • Deposition Fee: $250/hr plus reasonable travel expenses if a deposition is required
  • Court Fee: $300/hr plus reasonable travel expenses for any in-court appearance

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